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JENSPRIMA Online Streaming Current Detector for Water Treatment Plants

The  Flumsys 10TC-SP online Streaming Current Detectors, as highly accurate and reliable automated dosing control devices, are widely used in water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, sludge dewatering, reverse osmosis processes, and other processes that require flocculants to be dosed, and other scenarios that need to monitor the water quality!

Below, Tested by engineers before leaving the factory

Tested and shipped out to customers, the following is the picture of our customer's on-site installation


● Simultaneous display of actual and relative SC values
● Simultaneous monitoring of pH (optional) for real-time information on flocculation effect
● Automatic cleaning function
● PID control function
● SC 4-20mA and PID 4-20mA outputs
● 2 high/low alarm outputs
● RS485 Modbus RTU communication
● 4.3-inch color touch screen, easy and convenient operation
● Password protection to prevent unauthorized operation
● Data recording function, support U disk to export (Excel)
● Two modes of automatic control/manual control
● Sensor split design, easy to install on-site
● Optional pre-processing system, greatly reducing the amount of maintenance