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innoCon 6800OZ Online Ozone Analyzer


Ozone: 0.005 - 2.000 ppm

Applications: drinking/mineral water, disinfection industry, process water


2 electrode system, amperometric membrane principle
Wide power input, touch screen design
Large backlit LCD display for measured values, temperature and relay status
Easy operation with Chinese/English menu
Password protection to prevent unauthorised operation
New calibration step-by-step prompts to help reduce operating errors
2 x programmable Hi/Lo relay outputs
Programmable auto-purge relay outputs
2 x isolated 4-20mA outputs
RS485 Modbus RTU communication
Data storage capability with USB stick export support



Display: 4.3" colour LCD touch screen display
Password: Setting mode:0022,Calibration mode:0011
Power supply:110-240VAC,50/60Hz.
Current output 1: Isolated 4-20mA output, settable measurement value, maximum load 500Ω
Current output 2: isolated 4-20mA output, settable measurement value, max. load 500Ω
Digital communication: RS485 Modbus RTU
Alarm output: 2 sets of programmable Hi/Lo contacts with hysteresis setting
Purging relay: 5A/250VAC/30VDC
             Cleaning interval:0.1-1000h,cleaning time:1-1000s
Operating temperature:0~70.0°C
Storage temperature:-20~70.0°C
Protection level:IP65
Mounting: Wall mounted
Dimensions:200 x 180 x 90mm
Weight:ca. 1Kg


The innoSens 750 ozone sensor is a system with 2 electrodes and an amperometric cladding principle for measuring the ozone concentration in the water being measured. It is suitable for normal water quality and does not contain surfactants in the water. It has many applications in pure water/drinking water processes and can be equipped with an optional pH measurement.



Ozone Sensor

Measurement parameter: Ozone
Measurement range: 0.005-2.000ppm (mg/L)
Slope drift: approx. <-1%/month
Operating temperature: Water sample temperature: 1-45°C, ambient temperature: 0-55°C
Temperature compensation: built-in temperature compensation
Operating pressure: max. 1 bar
Flow rate: approx. 15-30 l/h
pH operating range: 2-11 pH
Polarisation time: approx. 1 hour for initial use
Response time:T90: approx. 15s
Zero point adjustment: not required
Slope calibration: single point calibration according to DPD method
Interference: CIO2 and CI2
Material: PVC and AISI 316 Ti
Dimensions: 25mm OD, 220mm length
Storage: Sensor: 5-40°C, Electrolyte: 5-35°C, Membrane cap: 5-40°C
Maintenance: 1 year for cap replacement, 3-6 months for electrolyte replacement (depending on operating conditions)


Order   Guide

Order No.:                Description

33-6800-70        innoCon 6800OZ  Ozone controller,220VAC

33-6800-74        InnoCon 6800OZ-24V Ozone controller,24VDC

35-0750-10        innoSens 750  Ozone sensor,0.005-2.000ppm,Cables 5m

50-0720-00        PA-720 flow cell,Acrylic material


innoCon 6800OZ