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innoMag 400

innoMag 400 is an ultrasonic flowmeter based on the principle of time difference time measurement, consisting of a controller and an external clamp-on sensor. Just paste the external sensor on the surface of the pipe to complete a variety of liquid flow measurement, compared with the traditional flowmeter, it does not need to break the flow of the short pipe, easy and fast installation, truly non-destructive installation.

Typical Applications

Process Water

Boiler water

Drinking Water

Circulating water

Cooling Water

Product Features

● High accuracy and improved tolerance of air bubbles in the measuring diameter.

● Large four-line LED display for clearer and more comprehensive display.

● Longer service life of the membrane keypad and more comfortable feel of the keypad.

● Sensor IP68 protection grade

● Unique flip cover design, installation of hidden screws for better appearance.


Technical Parameters

Model: innoMag 400
Flow range: 0.03-12m/s, forward and reverse measurement
Accuracy: ±1% of measured value
Repeatability: 0.2%
Pipe diameter range: DN25-DN1200mm
Temperature range: Controller: -20-60 ℃
            Sensor: -40℃~80℃ (room temperature)
            Sensor: -40℃~130℃ (high temperature)
             Sensor: -40 ℃ ~ 180 ℃ (special high temperature)
Fluid type: tap water, sewage, seawater, acid and alkali liquids, beer, oil and other conduction
Ultrasonic single uniform liquid
Pipe material: stainless steel, PVC, glass fiber reinforced plastic, carbon steel and all other dense pipeline.
Allowed to have a liner
Power supply: 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz, optional 24VDC
Display: LCD display
Output: 1 channel 4-20mA output
1 pulse output, pulse width 6-1000mS
1 relay output
Communication: RS485 Modbus
Data storage: SD card timed to store the set parameters and measurement results (optional)
Protection level: controller: IP65
Sensor: IP68
Installation: Controller: wall mounted
Sensor: external clamp type (V method, Z method)


Order Guide

Order No.             Description

34-0400-00         innoMag 400 Flow meter


innoMag 400