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PACON 5000 online water hardness analyzer

This system controls the selectable limits based on the titration colorimetric principle, providing accurate

measurement readings by extinction, and a variety of functions to ensure the reliability of real-time operation.Low

maintenance and low reagent consumption, suitable for long time continuous operation, maintenance-free,

especially suitable for the boiler room.



Process Water

Water Treatment

Drinking Water

Cooling Water


Fully-automatic Measurement

Full-automatically measure the total water hardness with different ranges according to the selected reagent.

The analysis process is more efficient than manual measurements and also more reliable than other indirect

measurement methods, such as ion-selective electrode.


Intelligent & Accurate

GB measurement method - titration colorimetric method, the instrument does not require calibration. The

integrated measurement technique and the two-stage analysis process can identify external

measurement effect,such as contamination of the cell, turbidity of the water sample and external light, and to

eliminate these effects in the measurement.


Optional Measurement Interval

Optional measurement interval: 5-360min

PACON 5000 can also control the start-up measurement of the instrument via an external switching signal.

Compact Design

With size 300X300X200mm, it is suitale for direct wall mounting or install on the bracket.


Least Maintenance Workload

The measuring slot must be cleaned according to the set measuring interval or the measuring frequency.

It is recommended to replace the spare parts every year. The spare parts including: peristaltic pump head,

reagent connection tube and seal, Order No. 50-5000-10. No additional tools are required for maintenance

and can be easily executed.


Automatic Cleaning

Each analysis will automatically perform Rinsing and Cleaning, ensuring measurement accuracy, repeatability

and reduced on-site maintenance.


Low Reagent Consumption

It is very easy to replace the reagent bottle, 500ml reagent can measure 5000-10000 times. Reagent is valid for 2



LCD Display

Multi-language graphic backlit LCD display, showing measured values, reagent remaining, alarm values and relay



SD Card Storage

2G data memory card, can be directly connected to the computer, to access to historical data and system

failure information in excel format


Output & Input

0 / 4-20mA & CAN bus

Insufficient reagent

Alarm signal

External start analysis signal

General Specification

Measurement method: Titration method with colour change 

Environmental temperature:5 - 45℃

Measuring water temp.:5 - 40℃

Water inlet pressure: ca. 0.5-5bar, recommended 1-2bar

Inlet / Outlet connect: 6mm hose


Requirements of the water quality: 

clear,colourless,no solid particles,

without gas bubbles; pH: 4 - 10.5 ;

Iron: < 3 ppm ; Copper: < 0.2 ppm ;

Al: < 0.1 ppm ; Mn: < 0.2 ppm; 

Humidity: 20 - 90% RH 

Supply Voltage: 85 - 265VAC,47-63Hz

Power consumption: 25VA(in operation) 

Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 200 mm (W x L x H)

Weight: ca.5Kg


Protection class:IP65

Installation: Wall mounting in closed rooms


Analysis Specification

Measurement range :The measurement range is defined by the reagent used. (see reagent table)
Measurement duration: ca. 3 minutes depending on the hardness of the water
Measurement accuracy: ±5% of the upper value of the respective reagent
Repetition accuracy: ±2.5% of the upper value of the respective reagent
Analysis cycle: Measuring interval(5 - 360min) /External signal
Flush time:15 - 1800s
Display: Multi-coloured and multi-lingual graphic display
Unit: mmol/l、 dH、mg/l、ppm CaCO3
Analogue output: 0/4~20mA,max. 750Ω
Interface: CAN bus
Relay output: 4x potential free output NC/NO, 250VAC/DC, 4A
Input: IN1: Start analysis, IN2:Cancel error


33-5000-00    PACON 5000 Online Hardness Analyzer

33-5000-10    PACON 5000 Online Alkalinity Analyzer

50-5000-10    Spare Parts Kit

                       Including pump head (including pump tube), all seals, stirrups,

                       connection pipe of reagent bottle, recommend to exchange every year.